A closer future

Mexico Pacific is poised to change the world.

We are advancing the global energy transition to cleaner burning fuels, furthering energy security, and leading the way towards a closer, more sustainable future.

Our Commitment

We are committed to supplying vital energy for decades to come, and promoting LNG as a transition fuel and an enabler of renewable energy.

North America’s Next Generation of LNG

Our anchor project - a 14.1 mtpa LNG export facility - is strategically located on the west coast of Mexico, at Puerto Libertad, Sonora. We incorporate innovative design and technology choices that align with the environmental goals of the world, making the right decision today for a better tomorrow.

Competitively Priced North American LNG

We offer the lowest landed price of North American LNG into Asia, leveraging abundant, low-cost natural gas sourced from the nearby Permian Basin. Our close proximity to Asia reduces shipping transit times by approximately 11 days and shipping costs by ~60% while avoiding the Panama Canal congestion.

Mexico Pacific

We are bold

We lead with courage and vision

We are future driven

We build a sustainable tomorrow by our strategic actions today

We are transparent

We align our words with our actions

We do good

We create opportunities for the betterment of all today and tomorrow

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