Dialogue and trust

We are committed to being recognized as a leader in its relationships with communities, where we are welcomed as a safe and responsible partner whose positive social impact creates significant value for all our stakeholders.

We believe that good communication is essential to good community relations and that open and honest communications are essential to credibility and trust.

Working for the Wider Community

We are coordinating with local community leaders to identify and fund actions that will have a sustainable, lasting and positive impact on the community of Puerto Libertad, Mexico.

One of our first commitments includes donating land for the construction of a new school in Puerto Libertad. Promoting opportunities for learning and enabling quality education is part of our commitment to the local community. Education is a lifeline for children everywhere and our aim is to ensure that the local children have access to a sustainable future through access to safe education.

We will provide significant job creation in Mexico and lead to meaningful employment with fair wages for many local communities. An estimated 6,400 direct construction jobs and 15,000 indirect jobs are expected to be created through construction. Once operational, we will provide employment for approximately 700 direct employees, 300 resident contractors, and more than 2,000 indirect jobs will be required in Mexico.

Te Atiende


We want to hear from you. Through a variety of channels, Mexico Pacific invites a broad and inclusive community dialogue and a spirit of collaboration throughout the lifetime of the project.

We have established a community feedback process for receiving, investigating, and responding to inquiries or concerns from community stakeholders. We are committed to resolving concerns and complaints in a fair, timely, and efficient manner. We will provide an acknowledgment phone call/email in a timely manner.

You may submit any feedback/concerns through our Community Feedback Form located in the link below.

Community feedback form



To create a trusting environment for eligible stakeholders, and to be accountable for the adequate performance of the Grievance Mechanism processes;


To make eligible stakeholders aware, of the existence and access to the Grievance Mechanism, and provide adequate assistance for those who have access difficulties;


To provide a clear procedure with an indicative time frame for each stage of the Grievance Mechanism process, specifying the types of processes and results available and the means to monitor implementation;


To provide complainants with reasonable access to sources of information, advice, and the experience necessary to participate in a complaint process based on fair, documented, and respectful terms;

Culturally Appropriate

To respect local customs and culture within in the Project area of influence;


To treat the identity of the complainants confidentially by taking reasonable steps to safeguard personal data collected in relation to a complaint, and by providing an option for complainants to submit complaints anonymously where necessary;


To keep the parties involved in a complaint informed about the progress in resolving such complaint;


To make the Grievance Mechanism open and accessible to all eligible stakeholders, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, sex (including sexual orientation or gender identity), religion, disability, or age;

Rights Compatible

To work towards results and solutions that are consistent with internationally recognized human rights;


To identify lessons learned from the Grievance Mechanism process to improve the Grievance Mechanism and prevent similar issues in the future; and

Based on commitment and dialogue

To consult eligible stakeholders and focus on dialogue as a means to address and resolve complaints.