Collaboration Agreement Signed between Mexico Pacific and Government of Sonora Formally Welcomes the Saguaro Energia LNG Project as the Cornerstone of the Sonora Plan

20 July 2023

The Government of the State of Sonora and Mexico Pacific announced today they have signed a collaboration agreement supporting Mexico Pacific’s anchor LNG export facility, Saguaro Energia, located in Puerto Libertad, Sonora, Mexico.

Principally, Mexico Pacific’s LNG project was welcomed as the foundational pillar of the Sonora Plan, a clean energy infrastructure and nearshoring initiative announced by the Mexican government earlier this year at the North American Leaders’ Summit held between Mexican President López Obrador, U.S. President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (the “Sonora Plan”). The Sonora Plan seeks to promote clean energy development, investment, and economic prosperity for the benefit of Sonora and Mexico.

Mexico Pacific’s LNG project, which has the support of President López Obrador, Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo, and other national, state, and municipal leaders, represents the largest foreign private investment in Mexico’s history, bringing employment, infrastructure development and tax revenues to Sonora and Mexico: key objectives of the Sonora Plan.

“We are pleased to enhance our strategic relationship with the Government of Sonora as we prepare to commence construction of our Saguaro Energia LNG facility, supported by Mexico’s skilled workforce and our local communities,” said Ivan Van der Walt, Chief Executive Officer of Mexico Pacific. “We appreciate the continued support of President López Obrador and Governor Durazo as we work together to position our project, and the State of Sonora, to lead the way in the production of cleaner, more affordable energy.”

As part of the agreement announced today, the Government of Sonora has committed to continuing to pave an efficient path to commencing construction of this historic project, including the continued timely issuance of state and municipal permits. With the ongoing support and commitment of the Government of Sonora, Mexico Pacific anticipates the commencement of construction this year.

About Mexico Pacific

Mexico Pacific’s anchor project, the 15 mtpa Saguaro Energia LNG Facility, is the most advanced LNG development project on the West Coast of North America. The Saguaro Energia LNG Facility achieves significant cost and logistical advantages resulting in the lowest landed price of North American LNG into Asia by, leveraging low-cost natural gas sourced from the nearby Permian Basin, and a significantly shorter shipping route avoiding Panama Canal transit risk for Asian markets. More information can be found at