North America's Next Generation of LNG

Mexico Pacific’s anchor project, Saguaro Energía, is a 15 mtpa North American West Coast LNG export facility, located in Puerto Libertad, Sonora, Mexico.

Initial FID is focused on Trains 1 and 2 with Train 3 to follow in quick succession.


With commercialization of Trains 1-2 complete and Train 3 under final negotiations, Mexico Pacific has commenced development of its expansion project, Saguaro Energia II comprising a further 3 trains representing an incremental 15 mtpa of LNG – critical new supply to address energy security requirements.

With over 1,100 acres of land owned in fee-simple, our site provides unsurpassed expansion opportunity. Coupled with a scalable and repeatable facility design, Mexico Pacific is poised to execute against growth. 

Saguaro Energia is being developed in a two-phased approach:

Phase 1:

includes the first two 4.7 mtpa liquefaction trains, two tanks and one berth

Phase 2:

completes the anchor project with a third 4.7 mtpa train


Supporting the global energy transition and providing energy security to Asia with LNG

Mexico Pacific’s location and design facilitates 50% deeper decarbonization compared to U.S. Gulf Coast projects:

  • Gas supplied from the lower CO2 Permian Basin gas market (99% lower associated CO2 per molecule compared to Haynesville);
  • Employing newer pipeline technologies and liquefaction design; and
  • A materially shorter shipping distance to market, reducing shipping emissions by 60%.

Mexico Pacific avoids ~105 million metric tons of CO2 emissions vs U.S. Gulf Coast projects, equivalent to:

  • 248 million one-way passenger flights from New York to Hong Kong;
  • 4.8 billion trees absorbing CO2 over 1 year;
  • 22.8 million passenger car emissions over 1 year; or
  • 11.7 GW-hrs of coal power plant emissions.