Strategic Location

Saguaro Energia’s advantaged location provides a bridge to connect low-cost U.S. natural gas with end-users in Asia, liquefying nearby Permian Basin south of the U.S. border at Puerto Libertad on the west coast of Mexico.

With a liquefaction point much closer to the world’s largest LNG markets, shipping costs are more than halved and Panama Canal risk entirely removed.

By leveraging this strategic liquefaction location, Mexico Pacific can offer the lowest landed price of LNG into Asia.

The Project’s location also provides for an uncongested transit route with wide navigation channels able to accommodate the largest LNG vessels, a naturally deepwater port removing the need for dredging, and a dedicated port ensuring efficient berthing operations.

“This project has the most prolific and low-cost U.S. gas basin in its backyard, and the engine room of LNG demand growth in its front yard. That’s incredibly unique.”

New Supply of LNG to Asia

Our exceptional project fundamentals provide a reliable supply at a globally competitive landed LNG price to Asia.

Saguaro Energia has access to the nearby prolific Permian Basin, which has more than 600 TCF of natural gas resources remaining, while avoiding the Panama Canal and ensuring energy security for decades to come.

Our commercial offering provides flexibility which allows customers the ability to optimize their portfolios.

“Mexico is emerging as the next LNG supply hub, and Saguaro Energía offers exceptional project fundamentals, closer proximity to Asia and highly flexible contracting terms, while also addressing energy security and assisting with global climate change goals.”