Supporting the Global Energy Transition and Providing Energy Security

LNG plays a pivotal role in the global energy transition and energy security. Coal to gas switching is a key driver for Asia to achieve its climate goals. Natural gas emits up to 55% lower greenhouse gas emissions than coal, and when used in the generation of electricity is far less damaging to the environment. With little indigenous and depleting domestic gas reserves, Asia’s natural gas demand growth will be met by LNG.

Saguaro Energía is doing its part by bringing a new source of LNG supply to the Asian market.

Protecting our Environment Brings us Closer to a More Sustainable Future

We are making conscious design, equipment and technology choices that will minimize our impact on the environment even if they require additional investment.

Our site selection provides inherent environmental benefits through a facility layout which minimizes land usage. There are no endangered species on site and the premiere topography requires minimal site preparation.

Shipping routes avoid protected areas and the existing nearby natural deep-water port does not require dredging or breakwater minimizing the impact to our marine environment.

Our North American West Coast location significantly reduces the shipping route to Asia when compared to Gulf of Mexico projects. This reduces emissions from shipping and impact to the marine environment.

Our stick-built terminal design consumes less steel which reduces emissions in raw material production.

Baseline emissions are lower due to the conscious selection of high-efficiency turbines, full containment tanks, condensate recapture, and waste heat recapture. Our choice of air-cooled versus water-cooled heat exchangers saves water.

We have launched a lower carbon LNG initiative with ConocoPhillips, Bechtel and Baker Hughes to focus on technology, design and natural gas solutions to further reduce baseline emissions, a more responsible alternative to simply capturing or reporting.