We believe that everyone has a role to play in addressing climate change, and we are doing our part in the global energy transition by developing North America’s next generation of lower carbon LNG as a cleaner burning alternative to other fuel sources.

Energy security is a point of paramount significance to the world, and we believe that everyone should have access to reliable, affordable energy. Our strategic location along the West Coast of Mexico upholds this belief as we provide the lowest landed North American LNG price into Asia as a result of our closer proximity to the end-user and leveraging low-cost U.S. gas sourced from the nearby prolific Permian Basin.

We are driven to constantly evolve our business practices because we believe in a closer, more sustainable future for all. Through our low carbon LNG collaboration with ConocoPhillips, Bechtel and Baker Hughes, we are seeking to further reduce baseline emissions by exploring energy transition and greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies in the development of our LNG export terminal.